Aug 12, 2011

Ruhig Weiter Träumen

As this incredibly exhilarating summer comes to a close, I can hardly contain my excitement as I begin a new chapter in my life. In just a few short weeks I will be leaving for what I hope will be an amazing learning and growing experience.

Rather than staying in Utah and going to BYU for this next semester, I am headed to Vienna, Austria, on a study abroad program with a group of the most awesome people ever.  We will be taking classes at the Austro-American Institute, whilst exploring the beautiful Austrian country, as well as the surrounding areas.  It will be an extremely wonderful adventure to explore more of the world, while experiencing and learning more about a culture other than my own. I simply cannot wait!

I'll have much more to say once I'm in the great city of Wien, but for lack of anything more interesting, I'll share a few pictures of my most spectacular summer. :)

Hiking Tsankawi with the family.

Stephanie and Samuel Price's wedding.

Trip to Utah for Kari and Seth Grover's wedding.

Las Conchas Fire is the biggest in New Mexico history.  There were days when we would go outside and find a thin layer of ash over everything, with more falling from the sky.  It smelt like smoke for weeks.  This first picture was taken from the roof of our house, and the second was taken up by Los Alamos Medical Center.